Light Planning

Light means life.

Light has an influence on the biorhythm and psyche of humans. Health, moods and emotions are dependent to a great degree on light. Light is not just light. Only high-quality light increases the well-being and activity of human beings, makes them optimistic and enables them to experience their environment.

Light can be planned.

Successful companies capitalize on the effects of high-quality light and employ them to promote sales. Planning the light generates the requisite atmospheric stimuli through lighting systems that are exactly suitable.

Light sells.

Sales rooms that are lit in an ideal way and well-lit products support the buying decision. Facade lighting draws attention to a building effectively. In hotels and hospital patient areas alike, lighting engenders a climate of well-being. In office rooms, an agreeable working atmosphere is created.

There is an optimal lighting concept for every industry and a tailor-made lighting solution for every company. From the design phase up to implementation, we get you involved as a customer and incorporate your impression of the overall aesthetic picture and the light's effect.

In an initial consultation, we analyze the demands and requirements your lighting calls for. We can provide you with top-quality standard systems or optionally a highly customized lighting solution. Our planning approach focuses on both space utilization and the architectural requirements of the building. Our experienced light planners take into account the emotional handling of light plus the technical requirements and economic and ecological aspects.

With the help of a photorealistic simulation on a computer, our lighting planners design the light concept and particularize the lighting sources. If requested, we can develop our own light fittings for non-standard solutions, too. Conditions and qualities of the light can thus be optimized at the planning stages.

By employment of artificial light in conjunction with natural light, we create a visual environment and its utilization that are both specific and perfectly fitting. In doing so, we cover every area of contemporary lighting planning: shop lighting, architectural lighting, interior and exterior lighting for hotels, hospitals, doctor's offices, restaurants, street lighting, etc.